Jean Patou

This beautiful Oriental Fragrance from Jean Kerleo - master perfumier to the House of Patou - is one of our favourite perfumes. Sublime opens with a burst of Hesperidian and floral notes and warms to a wonderful heart of Rose, Jasmine and Lily of the Valley blended with soft woody notes. Its base is Amber, Musk and soft powdery Vanilla, and it lasts well, even on fair dry skin types. The fresh top is very uplifting while the heart and base are sensual but not sweet. There is definitely nothing fruity in this composition, it is warm, fresh, sparkling and sensual and fuses the essence of the legendary classics with the more contemporary relaxed style of today’s woman. Beauty, style elegance and glamour in one wonderful perfume. The perfect marriage of past and present, a true masterpiece.

Sublime is encased in a crystal flower with a heavy gold flower bud top and sealed in a beautiful rich yellow and gold box, it is a MUST. Now made in EDT and EDP only, the pure perfume and solid perfume are still available although not plentiful and unfortunately Jean Patou - now owned by Proctor & Gamble, are no longer producing them. Sublime is also available in body cream and shower gel. So is the recipe the same post P&G? Yes, is our considered opinion. Although we still say that the original is softer with a richer heart. Of course we are sure that Monsieur Kerleo would not allow his perfumes to be tampered with, alas he is no longer with Jean Patou. We can only say to Mr Proctor & Mr Gamble “Please don’t change Sublime - and bring back the pure perfume pleeeeeeeeeeease.

Wishing you much magic
Sublime Sourcery

Do remember that All perfumes react differently with each individual skin chemistry and what smells good on one person may be less than flattering on you. We would suggest that when shopping for perfume you ask Perfume Consultants to spray perfume directly onto your skin and NOT on a card, it is the only way to be sure a fragrance will work for you. The card will only give you an indication of how the fragrance was designed to smell. We suggest you let the fragrance settle on your skin for an hour or so and observe how it develops as you wear it. Try not to sample too many fragrances at one time. It is a bit like trying rich chocolates, the first one is wonderful but by the fifth one the subtlety of the flavour is lost on you. If you like the way a perfume smells on you then the chances are that other people will too. There are few things more uplifting than someone saying to you “what wonderful perfume you are wearing, you smell gorgeous”.

Sublime Sourcery
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