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As Winter  wraps itself unrelentingly around  Britain's shores refusing to yield her up to the embrace of Spring our spirits fly south to the warm sunny coast of the southern Mediterranean  and to  " Esteve Monegal's" Spain. To Flamenco rhythms and siestas to endless hours on soft sandy beaches,   or a long walk through orange and lemon groves, where a glass of water is as
welcome as a bowl of hot soup in Winter and  the magic of a glowing fire on a frozen  English night gives way to the caress  of cool water showering sun drenched skin.  Just add a liberal splash of Maja and one is ready to drift refreshed into the magic of the night.

According to Myrurgia's website Maja remains the most "internationally renowned and distinctive" of all its product lines. We here at Sublime Sourcery love it. A wonderful fragrance containing notes of Madagascar Cloves,  Nutmeg, Rose, Carnation, Patchouli and Benzoin to name a few. Variously classified as an oriental and a Fougere it has certainly stood the test of time, why then we ask have Myrurgia felt the need to re-formulate it? Could it be perhaps that "Puig" acquired the brand in 2000 and set about reformulating it in 2002? Perhaps we hoped  they had added something to this famous classic? But no, this new version bears no relation to the original , the relationship could be compared to that of the magical "Joy" with its younger sibling "Enjoy".  There really is no comparison in either case. However at least in the case of Patou the newer fragrance was given its own identity. I am sorry for the unsuspecting customer who buys a bottle of Maja in good faith  hoping for that burst of Spanish sunshine. They will be very disappointed.

Maja was created in 1918  by the founder of Myrurgia "Esteve Monegal"  His vision was to create fragrance that was quintessentially Spanish , as wonderful as the fragrances of France were they did not reflect the heart of Spain. 'Monegal' found his inspiration in the celebrated dancer ""Tortola Valencia" and  he commissioned a drawing of her from the famous "Porta Brothers" which was to become the emblem of the brand.  In 1925 "Monegal" presented a special edition of this fragrance to the famous "international Exhibition of Decorative Arts in Paris"  The place of "Maja" in perfume history was assured.

The beautiful  timeless brand emblem is the lovely Spanish dancer in traditional classic red and black Flamenco dress surrounded by red, white and gold flowers on a black background  and the name Maja etched in gold.

There are some still some bottles of the original formula floating around so happy hunting and here's to a sun drenched Summer for all ©

Wishing you much magic
Sublime Sourcery


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